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We have a wide range of complementary treatments provided by our experienced and professional therapists. If you are unsure of what you might need, why not book a free consultation where we can discuss options with you. All treatments are provided in our treatment rooms designed with only you in mind.



Aromatherapy Body Massage 

This is an excellent therapy that will relax and invigorate you using essential oils to massage the whole body. A wonderful way of winding down or re-energising you to enjoy every day life. 

Aromatherapy Foot Massage 

Using wonderful aromatic oils to massage your feet. Using Pressure Points to promote well-being, relax tired feet and revitalize. You will be able to take away oils designed specifically for your needs to continue your therapy.

Holistic Massage 

Using warm oils and using Reiki this massage is a wonderful relaxing massage bringing about a feeling of calm and relaxation.


Hot Stone Massage  

This therapy is a deep tissue and muscle massage;the benefits include pain relief, improved circulation and a feeling of total relaxation.


Indian Head Massage 

Indian Head Massage can restore joint movement and mobility, promote hair and growth and relieve eyestrain, tinnitus, sinus problems, insomnia and fibrous adhesions in the neck and shoulders. The treatment also relieves stress and tension, enhances concentration and clear thinking and creates a feeling of calmness and well being which can last several days after treatment.


Swedish Massage

A wonderful deep tissue therapy with many benefits including speeding up recovery after an injury, releasing toxins from the body, and giving a feeling of total relaxation and well being.

Warm Bamboo Massage

A wonderful deep tissue massage using warm oils and warm bamboo sticks to ease away stress and tension from the body. A great way to get rid of knots in the muscles and drain away toxins through the lymphatic drainage system. Beneficial for anyone cramped up in front of computers or sat in vehicles driving for long periods of time. Leave us feeling wonderfully relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.


Bellabaci Cupping Massage

this is a deep tissue massage using silicon cups and warm essential oils , by squeezing the cups onto the body and moving over the muscles  the cups will massage the muscles 2/3 inches down giving relief to tension or knots in the muscles  also helping to release trapped nerves . This treatment also lifts toxins and impurities from the blood stream and drains them through the lymphatic system leaving you feeling amazing.


Bespoke Massage

Using warm Bamboo , Belabaci cupping and aromatherapy massage , this is a unique 3 in 1 massage and is very popular with clients who like to try new treatments giving you an all round deep tissue massage  and at the same time a  very relaxing experience



Tropic Facial

Wonderful relaxing facial using Tropic organic products this facial helps to promote healthy skin. Includes: face, neck, shoulder.

Tropic Steam Deluxe Facial

This facial is a deep cleansing facial using organic products and incorporating an essential oil facial steam to really deep cleans. With the face, neck and shoulder massage this therapy is a real treat.




 Ear Candling Therapy 

The candle works like a chimney principle drawing impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. The treatment helps with tinnitus, sinusitis, glue ear, Hay Fever Rhinitis, excessive earwax, general hearing loss, colds and tension headaches. 


Are you struggling to take control of your weight?

Are fears and Phobias holding you back?

Do you suffer with stress, anxiety or depression?

If you answer yes to any of the above maybe its time to try Hypnotherapy a wonderful relaxing therapy that works with the most powerful part of your mind to help you re programme your mind to deal with these issues, call us or book for a free consultation to find out more.


Reflexology is an alternative to medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

Reiki/Baby Reiki/Weight Loss Reiki/Pregnancy Reiki. 

A wonderful relaxing therapy. Reiki is a natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy. A means of relieving stress and negative energy which can lead to illness. Other benefits include: reducing pain, deep relaxation, relief from depression and anxiety, insomnia and stomach conditions. 

Reiki Crystal Therapy 

Crystal Therapy is a very effective and relaxing treatment. We use crystals to identify areas of the body that need healing or just to simply balance the chakras. Combined with Usui Reiki it rebalances the body to bring about a feeling of health and well being.

Weight Loss


Reiki For Weight Loss;

Reiki can help us to control stress and anxiety which can be the root cause to comfort eating. A wonderful relaxing therapy to help you find the right headspace to start and maintain your health and wellbeing plan.



Working with the subconscious mind to re programme the way you think about food and getting you back in control. Helping to increase your motivation to lose weight and exercise.

Coaching & Past Life Regression

Life Coaching

As a fully qualified NLP Practitioner we will help you to look at all aspects of your life. We will identify where you are not feeling fulfilled and in control of your life. We will help you to take control of your thought processes to empower you to make the changes you want to make. i.e 

Increase Confidence and Self belief

Control Anxiety /Stress and Depression

Career Advancement

Anger Management

Weight Loss

Leadership Coaching. 

Working with professionals. to build their leadership skills to enhance career and promotion opportunities.

Creating a great culture in the workplace.

Past Life Regression Session

This is a Hypnotherapy treatment to guide you to any past lives you may have experienced. This treatment can help to find the answers to questions and issues you currently may have or just for interest.

Bespoke Packages

We also provide bespoke pamper packages for individuals or groups. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.